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   Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Wear?
Your therapist will leave the room so you may disrobe in private. You will have a
sheet or towel to cover with during your massage so you won't be uncomfortable.
You may leave whatever clothing you want on or you may have the freedom to
remove all your clothing. Your level of comfort will be respected at all times.

Can You Work On Just My Back?
We will discuss what area is bothering you at the beginning of the session and then  focus on the problem. We have often found that working the opposite or remote  muscles, meridians, acupoints and collaterals relieves the main complaint more effectively.

Will The Massage Hurt?
Be sure to tell us if it is a "good" hurt or a "bad" hurt. After we have smoothed out the spasms the pain will lessen and then go away.
Remember, Healthy tissue does not hurt, unhealthy tissue does!

Can I Just Have A Relaxing Massage?
We can give you a relaxing massage and if we find any problems we can gently
relieve them. It is always wise to clearly state what type of massage you prefer.

How Long Is A Massage Supposed To Take?
A full body massage usually takes one hour. Some people need longer treatment because
they have more body surface area, specific concerns and issues to address. Other people are pressed for time and prefer a half hour session for just their neck, shoulders and lower back..

How Often Should I Have A Massage?
Optimally you should have a massage once every two weeks. If you have chronic pain then once or twice a week would improve your quality of life.

Do I Have To Make An Appointment?
If you desire a specific day or time an appointment will be necessary. Same day
appointments are available but please call in advance to ensure we have time

If I Call And No One Answers Should I leave A Message On The Voice Mail?
Yes! We are often in session and cannot answer the phone. We use every backup
system we can to receive your calls and take your messages. We will return your
call as soon as possible.

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